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This is an all-inclusive Crochet Community - for beginners through experts. The rules are simple:

1. All photos behind a descriptive cut (the only exception is the very first post in the community). If you don't know what that means, read the LJ FAQ and learn before you post.

2. Do not be a pattern whore. This means do not make posts requesting patterns. Learn how to google it yourself. It also means do not ask someone else for the pattern of the item they posted. If they have a pattern they wish to share, they can make it known in the original post.

3. Realize that crochet is primarily an artform and that means different things to different people... including but not limited to: lingerie, doilies, freeform, dildo cozies, penis keychains, faux naked bodysuits, etc. Any and all of these are welcome, and if any could possibly offend you -- DO NOT JOIN THIS COMMUNITY.

4. Posting in this community implies you want feedback, not just pats on the back. Many of our members also frequent crochet_snark and criticism is par for the course. A tip: if you ask for criticism and willingly listen (or read) the opinions of others, chances are you won't get snarked.

5. No promoting other LJ communities, crochet related or otherwise.

6. This is a place where disagreement even to the point of confrontation is not considered drama -- it is considered the natural by-product of creative minds colliding. As such, vigorous, even unfriendly, debate is encouraged. If you can't handle the heat, this isn't your kitchen.